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Steve B

I underwent brain integration about two months ago with Theresa. I noticed one improvement almost immediately. For years I’ve had balance issues, an unfortunate affliction for a person who’s work necessitates being on ladders regularly. The integration quickly and dramatically improved this. My balance is much improved making my work much easier and more enjoyable. I’ve also suffered from ADHD my entire life. Integration has proven to be very helpful in this also. I’m able to tolerate overly stimulating circumstances much more easily. I’ve also noticed a steady improvement in my analytical abilities which were always pretty good to begin with. I seem to be able to come to a solution more quickly, and my thoughts are more linear and direct. I’m very pleased with the results and continue to see slow but steady improvement in many ways. I would recommend brain integration to anyone.

Alex's mother

My Daughter has issues with concentration and follow-through in school, with Math being especially challenging for her. After her sessions with Theresa she seemed less anxious and more confident to seek out the help she needed in the classroom environment, along with this extending to other areas of everyday life. There was a marked improvement in concentration capabilities, enough to allow her to move to a successful online school experience. Math is much more easily understood with less frustration and more patience. It was a positive experience, overall.

Bradley B

I would like to share my experience of having brain integration with Theresa. I guess one of the things I notice the most is that I stand straight up now. I’m not all hunched over when I walk. This affects me in several ways . . . I can see where I’m going, for starters, but mainly how I feel about myself. I’m more confident; I notice it, and the people around me really seem to notice! This is great, especially for someone who’s a little shy. It’s a snowball effect; the more people who notice, the more I notice, and this builds more confidence still.

It also helps with my balance, and I feel more coordinated, like my limbs are working in unison with each other and my brain. My body just seems more solid . . . stable!

Something else that really blows my mind is that music is beautiful again! I couldn’t feel music for years, really ever. After the brain integration it’s like it opened up something I have seldom experienced. I could feel the beat and how it all came together . . . I am enjoying music to the fullest for the first time since I was a kid! Coming from one who has played guitar for thirty years . . . without feeling it!!! This is truly music to my ears!

I seem to get more done, too. With just as much effort or less, I’m finding myself with more time. This is huge for me, as I am in school and working right now and time is crucial. I’m more easily able to manage my time, enabling myself to get more chores done around the house, work done on the cars or for school . . . and of course my favorite, time to relax!

Here’s something bizarre! I had a sleepy eye. I went in for a treatment with a droopy eye and came out with both wide open. This was another situation I had since childhood. My memory is another thing. My mind is clearer, I’m able to remember things (or maybe comprehend them to begin with) and train my brain to remember . . . it has taken some effort on my part, but it’s normal to have to train your brain to some extent. It’s taken quite a while, but my sleep has even straightened out for the most part. I went from getting one and a half to three hours of sleep a night to right now consistently getting five plus. This is like a new lease on life! I’m finally present!

I know there’s a bunch of stuff I’m forgetting because it affected so many things. In closing I will just say, Theresa has a very calming and gentle energy that sooths you, and I myself dozed off many times during the process. I really can’t emphasize how much this has benefitted me on not only a physical and mental level, but also spiritually. It’s like it helped to remove barriers that were keeping me from growth.

This was a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend it!

Connor's parents

Our son, Connor, began working with Theresa late in the spring of his second grade year, and finished up over the summer. He had been having trouble sitting still (like most boys his age), and focusing on his school work. Over the summer, we kept getting comments from his piano teacher that he was able to sit still for the lesson, and she was amazed at all of his musical ability that began to shine through. We were becoming so encouraged by his progress! Then one day, when church was just about to finish, I realized that we didn’t have to ask him to be quiet, or stop fidgeting during the entire service. He was so attentive, and it was so enjoyable to be with him! Once third grade began, his refusal to read anything that didn’t have pictures turned into a desire to read all of the time. He has flown through so many books; even large chapter books are finished in a day! We had a conference with his teacher last month, and it was wonderful to hear that he was doing so well in class and that he didn’t have any problems focusing on his work. We are so pleased with the results from Connor’s experience with Theresa.

Patty M

Marley received BIT from Theresa during the early summer after his sixth grade year. I looked into the therapy with Theresa because Marley had had a very challenging 6th grade year, in part because of issues related to his diagnosis of ADHD. We had also gotten a very positive personal reference, from someone whose son had received the therapy during the year before.

Of note after the completion of the therapy is that Marley seems to have made a big shift in his awareness of his disorganization, and has expressed new interests in creating and using systems to support organization, as well as wanting things to be neater. He has begun, for instance, to clear the table without being asked (!) and has made a bit of a leap in initiating independence in activities or tasks, that before he didn’t really seem aware of or interested in. He has made some good decisions in school, for example, electing to move his seat away from a friend he knows he has a hard time focusing with.

He has always struggled with multiplication facts and math strategies, and there is a notable difference in his retention of these facts, the immediacy he can recall them with, and some more flexible thinking around simple math tasks that was not apparent before. He has much less anxiety about school this year, and the percentage of time that he is remembering to bring home what he needs and is willing to do homework without resistance has increased.

Marley also enjoyed working with Theresa on a personal level – he clearly felt comfortable with her!


My son, JJ, had consistently shown difficulties to learn. Since he was a toddler I had to take him to different doctors to confirm what the problem was. They tested and believed he was short sighted, partially deaf, and even depressed. None of the above tests were positive, and as a concerned mother, I struggled to discover what went wrong. I got divorced when he was 3 years old; I wondered if this early traumatic event undermined his learning ability. He had serious difficulties to sit in a chair for more than 10 minutes, and always struggled to start (and finish) any type of work, from small tasks to long school assignments. After visiting a dozen doctors -pediatric psychologists and psychiatrists, physical therapists and a number of professionals who claimed that could help – they suggested he had learning disabilities and was also diagnosed with ADHD. I tried everything, from after school support to different kind of pills. All of these pills came with side effects, such as lack of appetite and quietness that translated in lack of social relationships with his peers. He looked sad and lost after taking them.

When JJ turned 7 years old, we moved from Chile to the US, as I earned a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. I was afraid this big change was going to make it even harder for him to learn. We were lucky to land in Boulder, Colorado, probably one of the few places on earth that believe in natural and non-invasive treatments. I was surprised to see how JJ quickly learned English, being proficient only 4 months after arriving in this foreign country. How could an ADHD kid with learning disabilities then, accomplish this? It is true he kept on struggling with focusing and persistence, yet the fact that he quickly picked up a new language made me question the wisdom of regular medicine. I hoped I could find some new method that could help him.

I started with baby steps, first taking care of getting him some extra academic help. Here is where we happen to meet our wonderful friend and mentor Theresa Haley, who came into our lives as an afterschool teacher working for an organization helping kids to succeed in school. We had tried with two teachers before, but neither of them was able to connect with JJ in a way that motivates him to work. Theresa immediately engaged with him in a very professional and caring way. He stopped complaining about after school and became better at math and writing.

One day, Theresa told me about a technique that could contribute to facilitate JJ’s learning. It was called the brain integration technique (BIT). She explained how working with energy could rewire brains, bringing immediate benefits to academic and emotional life. I was sold, and immediately asked her to consider JJ for treatment. She arranged to make some time and treat JJ. It was amazing to see how a distracted and sometimes disconnected little boy slowly started to unleash his full potential. After a couple of sessions he was (finally!) able to memorize all the multiplication tables, and to establish enriching social relationships with kids at school. Improvement in his academic performance translated into self-confidence that allowed him to easy the task of making friends. At the end of the treatment, he was off of the pills, and had become more aware and organized than ever before. I know kids eventually mature, but the dramatic change JJ experienced after Theresa’s BIT treatment made it clear that her help was fundamental for my son’s happiness, a clear result of a balanced rewire of his fragile brain.

As a concluding remark, I must add that Theresa not only provided treatment to my son, but she was also able to establish a deep connection with him. She has touched his heart, and mine. Theresa’s contribution to our family has no price.


My experiences with Theresa’s brain integration work were nothing less than amazing….mostly subtle and amazing. The methods were unlike other types of protocols which I had experienced. It was gentle work, fun and interesting. Throughout the sessions, Theresa was professional, present and easy to work with.

My personal life history involved several accidents in which I hit my head (closed head brain trauma). I hadn’t received therapy of any kind for the injuries. I know that, from a very young age, my ability was compromised to attend to such things as following-through on tasks, staying focused when in an auditory situation (e.g.: note-taking, listening to a speaker, watching a movie) and, sometimes, in retaining information. I also struggled with puzzles. I could become easily confused when new directions were given; I felt my mind wander and ‘scurried’ to catch up. This also affected my self-image and sometimes, my relationships. I had been frustrated and wanting so much to ‘be better’ or be ‘different’ than I was.

When Theresa told me about the work she was doing and the results other people had experienced, I jumped on the bandwagon to give this a try. We established my ‘baseline’ of certain skills which Theresa noted. This was repeated at the end of my sessions, creating a perfect way for me to see the progress I’d made. That was incredibly exciting and rewarding!

During the time I was doing my work with Theresa, I remember noticing that my peripheral vision had improved; I was also noticing more of my surroundings than I had done before. That came as a big surprise because it wasn’t anything we had consciously worked on. I felt some improvement in my time management skills because of being able to be more ‘present.’ I also remember noticing that I felt a bit calmer in situations where I would usually become easily agitated. I began following television shows and movies to where I could follow the dialogues without asking, ‘what was just said?’ How wonderful!

Puzzles have become easier to do, my visual world is sharper, I find myself making decisions quicker, my auditory abilities have improved and my confidence is elevated. Thank you, Theresa, for the wonderful work you do and for being you! I know I’m a better me……what more could I ask?!!

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