Brain Function Matters LLC Disclaimer

Brain Function Matters, LLC Disclaimer: As owner of Brain Function Matters, LLC, I am a certified Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique (BIT) practitioner. I am not a licensed physician or healthcare professional, and therefore do not claim or imply that any advice, counsel, recommendations, suggestions, or services that I may provide whether in person, by mail, by e-mail or by phone will cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate any disease or ailment.

Performing brain integration, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care. Information gleaned as a result of having Crossinology®BIT is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information given to you on this site or during any session is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider.

You agree to take full responsibility for your own decisions and release Brain Function Matters, LLC, and Theresa Haley, of all liability for any side effects or results from being integrated via Crossinology®BIT. If you have medical concerns, especially if related to brain integration, please talk with your physician about your intention to receive Crossinology® BIT prior to receiving it. By accessing this website and/or contacting Brain Function Matters, LLC, for any services, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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